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VAL DI VARA GALLERY is a space that offers art exhibition and events dedicated to the touristic and cultural promotion, realized in collaboration with the Consorzio Il Cigno.


Don’t miss the programme of the events:

SATURDAY 18th JANUARY –  4.30 pm
Presentation of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) programme of excursions 2020, event organized by the CAI section of La Spezia, subsection of Vara Valley – Riviera, with a special regard to the Vara Valley.
The enabled guides of the CAI will make the presentation of the most important excursions of 2020, with a particular regard to Vara Valley and Riviera.

TUESDAY 28th JANUARY – 5.00 pm
Opening of a little photo exhibition with images of the ‘80s by Sergio Fregoso, dedicated to the heroic viticulture of the Five Lands, cured by Consortium “Il Cigno”. The exhibition will be open until the 16th of February from 2.00 to 7.00 pm.
Sergio Fregoso has been a reference point for La Spezia photographer’s generation of the XXth century and a great life teacher. The Ligurian Regional Mediacentre of La Spezia is dedicated to him. It contains, by the way, a rich photographic and multimedia documentation, with the historical archive of photography. The exhibition shows some of the images of the peasant life of Five Lands  that Sergio Fregoso immortalized in a period between the seventies and eighties, when that territory was still unknown and far from mass tourism.

The “Val di Vara Card”, who it is for, how to use it and its perspectives, cured by Consortium “Il Cigno”.
The Card was presented to the authorities and the press in Brugnato on January 11th. The “Val di Vara Card”, realized by the Consortium “Il Cigno” in collaboration with the Consortium “L’Altra Liguria”, is the result of a long work of study and analysis for the development of the Valley.

SATURDAY 15th FEBRUARY – 4.30 pm
Presentation of the programme “Travel meeting” walking with CAI – Subsection of Vara Valley, cured by Consortium Il Cigno with Luciano Bonati. Discovering of the places and characters narrated in his recent books “Storie Nostre” and “Gente Nostra”. Cured by Consortium “Il Cigno” and CAI (Italian Alpine Club) – Subsection of  Vara Valley.
Luciano Bonati, in collaboration with Italian Alpine Club and Consortium “Il Cigno”, has created a series of “travel meeting”, taking place every saturday, to discover the places and the characters mentioned in his books “Storie Nostre” and “Gente Nostra”. An unusual way to visit the Vara Valley slowly on foot, not only to know stories of real life.

SUNDAY 1st MARCH –  from 3.00 to 5.00 pm
Workshop for children “L’albero delle Meraviglie” (“the wonder tree”), cured by the Zoe Cooperative.
The tree conceived as an animated and mysterious creature that hides wonderful treasures to be created between its branches and roots.

SATURDAY 7th MARCH –  5.00 pm
Preparatory meeting for the World Water Day organized by the CAI Mountain Environment Protection Commission of La Spezia.
The World Water Day is organized worldwide every year. This initiative aim is to sensitize the population to a conscious use of this precious asset. The Italian Alpine Club dedicates two specific events to the theme, a conference that will take place in La Spezia and a guided excursion on the territory.

TUESDAY 10th MARCH – 5.00 pm
Opening of the photo exhibition “Discover Vara Valley” cured by Consortium “Il Cigno”. The exhibition will be open until Sunday 26th of April from 2.00 to 7.00 pm.
The images of the Consortium’s photographic collection created as part of the “Discover Vara Valley” project describe the history of a valley, its villages and its landscapes.

SATURDAY 28th MARCH – 5.00 pm
Speleological exploration in Vara Valley: the Great Cave (Grotta Grande) of Pignone, organized by the Lunense Speleological Group.
The Grotta Grande of Pignone does not cease to amaze visitors. Thanks to the research of the Lunense Speleological Group of the CAI of La Spezia, new branches of the large cave were discovered with the presentation of the results achieved.

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The exhibition space is indicated at number 48 as “Val di Vara Gallery”. It is open from Monday to Sunday from 2 pm to 8 pm.