Elegance, fashion, Italian roots and timeless quality. Stefanel`s history begins in 1959 when Carlo Stefanel started to produce knitwear in his factory, the “Maglificio Piave”, near Treviso. Fashion is at the heart of Stefanel, especially for knitwear. A lasting passion that sees the same family still at the helm of this Italian company today as it was then. Throughout the years, unceasing innovation and creativity have made Stefanel a symbol of style and elegance. Nowadays, Stefanel is a unique brand with a strong Italian identity, known and distributed internationally through its over 400 stores worldwide. “Fashion above all. Italian style and quality forever” is our motto. Every season, Stefanel enhances modern and contemporary influences, combining them with its own Italian identity and heritage. The continuous research is aimed at fulfilling the desires of the Stefanel woman: the need for freedom, lightness and practicality, the aspiration to wear feminine and timeless clothes. Quality is at our core. Our collections tell our story, our experience, developed through the years, due to ongoing technical improvement, skilled craftsmanship and knowhow.
Thanks to all of this, our company has earned its place at the very heart of Italian fashion.


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