Massimiliano Sorvino is the mind and hand of Sartoria Italiana, the beating heart of a project that promotes a tailored production with a strong flavor of life. The family passion has been able to evolve with him in new style details that look to tomorrow with creativity but draw inspiration from the ancient Neapolitan tailoring.

“Sartoria Italiana Massimiliano Sorvino” was born with the aim of establishing itself on the Italian and international scene as a brand capable of creating new style trends, through tailored productions that are immediately recognizable and appreciated by true admirers of sartorial clothing, distinguishable by quality and wearability from any other competitor of the same price range.

“Sartoria Italiana Massimiliano Sorvino” offers customers a total look including suits, shirts, blazers, classic and casual trousers, jeans, shoes and all accessories made with strictly Made in Italy manufacture.

Buying a “Sartoria Italiana Massimiliano Sorvino” dress means choosing the quality of the fabrics, the professionalism of the tailors and the craftsmen without giving up a competitive price.

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