The authentic tastes of our sea, the intense aromas of basil and wild herbs of our mountains make inimitable the “ravioli alla genovese, and the stuffed vegetables, the simple marinated anchovies and the refined prawns. This and more you will find at “Persa e Cornabûggia“, a restaurant where everything speaks of a Genoese cuisine made current but firmly anchored to tradition. Quality raw materials, attention to the details of the dishes, a search for old recipes to be flavored with new ideas make “Persa and Cornabûggia” – marjoram and oregano – a place where it is a must to stop for a quick lunch too but always nice and quality.

Our Chef and our dining room staff are at your disposal to make your stay with us unforgettable. In short, “Persa e Cornabûggia” will introduce you to a different Genoa … like you’ve never tasted.

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Ph. : +39 333 5061929

Map : Pavilion of Taste (53) First floor

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