The company Novità Import is founded more than 30 years ago from the owners’ passion to discover new things and the curiosity for everything, in countries far away from home. The production is handmade, with sometimes unknown materials and working methods almost forgotten. In the beginning, the company imports objects and bamboo furniture, tribal masks and batik, pure “ethnic” objects for all those who dream to visit someday the Orient world, or who have visited it and are fascinated by it. With the importance of mosquito nets (in the early 80s), Novità begins to furnish Western homes and the glam “Casanomade” is born: next to mosquito nets, there are Indonesian beds, Chinese cabinets, mats, pouf and big Indian pillows, raw silk curtains, Cashmere blankets and furniture from the Philippines. Nowadays, the company is managed by the new generation of the family and is still importing furniture from the Far East, objects for the house and the garden,
furnishing accessories, objects for the home and the table decoration, lamps, fabrics, mats and carpets. A wide selection of furniture and accessories from Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Burma, bought with consideration of the work executed by local artisans and with the intend to preserve the environment in the country of production. Furniture with a design that is different from the pure ethnic one, in order to be up to date with new tastes of the Western market and with trends of the third millennium.
The current collections, their ideas and the projects of furniture, fabrics, and accessories are created often in Florence and the production is carried out on the premises, directly by the owners of Novità Import. In order to show the company’s change, the evolution and the new way of selecting items in these last years, in 2012 the company adopted the new name NOVITÀ Home. A brand for the home collections in Italy and Europe. The current catalogue features a 360° prospect of everything needed to furnish interiors and exteriors, thousands of items that are planned, monitored and chosen with an eye on every detail in order to offer ever more a trendy product of good quality.

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