Marina Militare Sportswear is a brand inspired by the world of the Italian Navy, a reality made of passion and spirit of abnegation, of history and prestige, which elicits strong emotions and transmits a tradition that is even today of great significance.

The brand is manufactured and distributed by the Tuscan company Iccab srl, thanks to an exclusive and prestigious licensing agreement with the Chief of Staff of the Marina Militare, Italy’s Navy, allowing the commercial use of the Navy’s crests and emblems in the clothing sector.

Marina Militare Sportswear collections for Men, Women and Kids celebrate the illustrious tradition of Marina Militare through the use of the original ornaments of the classic iconography, an absolute guarantee of exclusivity and authenticity. Like the heraldic coats of arms of the four Maritime Republics, Venice, Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi, which reprise the symbols of the rich sailing and seafaring heritage in their recognised colours, and that, together with the Italian flag, are symbols that attest to the history of Italy, of the country’s people, and of our roots.

The Marina Militare Sportswear brand is distinguished by a style that is subdued and sporty, with practical garments having an explicitly maritime vocation, as well as by its modern and state-of-the-art design, making use of high-performance technical fabrics, for a lifestyle that is always in movement.

Marina Militare Sportswear is currently distributed in Italy through a single-brand network and virtual store in all the best mall, airports and most popular italian’s city center.

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