Tuscany has always been a land of artistic tradition and ancient craftsmanship. From the encounter between these two souls Malo Tricot was born, then so called, founded in 1972 in Florence.

Its history merges with the birth of Made in Italy, synonymous with quality, authenticity and sense of style appreciated in the world. The clever ability to mix artisan tradition, Italian aesthetic quality with technology and experimentation makes the brand an immediate success and a place of honor in the history of knitwear in Italy and beyond.

Today the finest yarns arrive pure in the company’s laboratories through a totally transparent supply chain, where each step is subjected to continuous checks. Absolute quality is the first criterion choice for Malo.

The materials are processed in full respect of the natural characteristics that made them special, for this reason there is no production phase entrusted totally to a loom. It’s the Made in Malo conceive that makes each garment unique, able to give emotions, to tell stories and the passion of those who created it. After all, a Malo garment is not only beautiful, it is practical, resistant and able to adapt perfectly to the wearer’s life.


Malo in Latin means “I prefer”. Choosing Malo means preferring the quality of the noblest materials, craftsmanship elevated to art, the absolute standards of excellence linked to a long artisan tradition in the creation of unique garments, made to last over time. From safeguarding to selection of raw materials, from spinning to dyeing, till the transformation of the yarn into a product, in almost fifty years of history, Malo quality extends among everything. Handmade knitwear is the brand elation: it needs from eight to sixteen hours to create a single garment, an alchemy that, through the skillful gestures of clever craftsmen, turns precious fibers into very soft fabrics and then into fine knitwear. Superior materials combined with rigorous craftsmanship techniques guarantee exceptional aesthetic results and absolute comfort. A Malo sweater is created to be worn, lived and handed down for generations. Cashmere in its purest form is one of the most resistant yarns in nature indeed, as soft as it is long lasting, as strong as it is true, it must be respected, cared for, appreciated for its unique qualities, for the sensations it gives that go straight from the skin to the heart.

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