La Cucina del Convento is a corner restaurant created by Catering Più, a food company initiated by the Gianelline Sisters, a congregation founded by S. Antonio Maria Gianelli, patron of the Vara Valley.

“La Cucina del Convento” takes you onto a gastronomic tour of Liguria, a tour made of simplicity and the flavors of the past. An opportunity to discover the ancient culinary tradition of this region: you will taste dishes based on regional recipes with some twist to it, always with fresh ingredients and natural products. The corner restaurant is located inside of the Laboratorio del Gusto, and visitors can find 0-mile, local dishes with products from the vegetable garden of Oasi Giannelliana di Cerreta: a “green” and scented way of cooking, with simple ingredients and great results that combines aroma and flavors.
The dishes are created with the recipes of the Gianelline Sisters and are composed of few and modest ingredients that will intrigue and surprise you: fragrant salty cakes with beet and artichokes, tasty vegetable fillings, fine focaccia-bread with cheese and “sgabei”, flavorful anchovy cake, stewed dried cod, fried seafood, risotto with vegetables, lasagna from Portofino and the delicious “Cupinelle”,  the biscuits of Mother Agostina.  Food for who loves fine food with essential ingredients and a creative touch. In spring and summer time, “La Cucina del Convento” proposes dishes with herbs that celebrate the awakening of the earth with a triumph of flavors and aromas.

Fish is served with orange and lemon flavors for light dishes. Last but not least the desserts that cannot be missed. Make a lunch break at “La Cucina del Convento” and be supportive through the projects Catering Più is being part of: all the profits are used for the missions in Africa, India and Latin America. There is a lot to do and everybody’s help is needed. Looking forward to seeing you at “La Cucina del Convento”!

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