One of Gabel’s distinctive characteristics is its ability to oversee the entire product chain, from the purchase of ginned cotton to the final packaging, by the way of design activities, and all the way to customer relations. A focus on quality can be found in our entire production chain, affecting every facet of it: from selection of raw materials, to service to consumers. The same care that goes into making sure our raw materials meet the highest standards in also dedicated to the work environment. These are all aspects of the “total quality” that can be found in its finished products, reflecting the special pains that are taken in the context that forges it. This approach to textile to the textile design leads to excellent results, achieved through constant stylistic R&D and improvements to design and production processes, but also by exploring innovative segments of the market. Our products exemplify Italian know-how – an exclusive gift recognized around the world – while preserving the specific identity that Gabel has built up over time: innovation, variety, simplicity, and practicality, characteristic that all of its collections share.

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