The group Distribuzione Lusso boasts a multi-year experience in developing and selling luxury accessories for fashion brands since 2004.
The group has been able to enter and position itself successfully in the market by integrating vertically all of its processes from the idea generation and development to the production to the distribution.
This strategic choice, represents the company’s competitive advantage as it allows it to rapidly adapt to market trends, to be cost-efficient and maintain brief and efficient production cycles while meeting the requirements of the different markets it operates in. Over the years, Distribuzione Lusso has constantly expanded its business and portfolio.
Spring 2014, represented one of the company’s milestones – Distribuzione Lusso signed its licence agreement with Braccialini for the design, production and global distribution of the brand’s watches and jewelry.
Subsequently, the group also opened and managed the first retail point for the brand in the suggestive Brugnato 5Terre Outlet Village. 2015 continued to be commercially diverse: not only the company launched its own brand of automatic watches “Autologico”, but it also added SSC Napoli official watches to its portfolio. In addition to this, towards the end of the year, the company launched its first range of fragrances and skin care products under the brand “Acqua del Garda” and opened a flagship store in Verona.
For 2017 the company has already signed a contract for Roberto Cavalli – Just Cavalli new collection, a jewelry capsule collection of Hellas Verona Football Club, as well as a jewelry collection launched by Swarovski Group and named ADORE.

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