Borgo Tessile Home Collection, the brand created by the company, is really in contrast with the sector of household linen, infact, its philosophy is to invest more and more in the “Made in ltaly” with a particular focus on the creation of a new and important trademark on the national scene, with an offer that will involve the entire home furnishing  industry.
The project, in addition to the simple commercial aspect, aims to impose and to distinguish a product, a design and a mix of absolutely contemporary colors, along with high quality, taste and production that is totally Made in ltaly.
The customer, in BorgoTessile’s stores, will find an exclusive environment in the absolute comfort, where they can breathe a culture and a lifestyle that reflects Borgo Tessile.
In our stores nothing is packed because we believe that fabrics are made to be “touched”, and details should be “lived”, to ensure that the imagination of each of our clients can be free to wander between colors, shapes and materials.
Everything is created and developed by a young and dynamic team and management, the project is an entity in continuous transformation; today our linen collections are complemented and coordinated with collections of ceramics, personal care products and furnishing elements such as lamps and beds…. tomorrow… who knows…!

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