Forasmuch as 90 years, Bialetti represents the values of our tradition by following the route of aromas, colors and flavors that stand for home, daily ceremonies and conviviality; the attention to design and detail, the art of making easy every gesture in the kitchen; offering quality, passion, experience and reliability. As Bialetti had witnessed the period of time and the culture that contributed to spread around the globe the originality and the innovation of the Italian design, it had redesigned the pleasure of preparing coffee and -thanks to its expertise – it is still evolving and is constantly proposing new products in order to fulfill the wishes of every single Italian kitchen. Still today, it is testimonial of experience and the wish to add value and beauty to the daily life in the kitchen with products that work well, that are technically reliable and are of modern design and excellent quality. From coffee-makers to espresso machines, cookware and pans, Bialetti is synonym of authentic pleasure, expertise and passion.

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